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Every No Letting Go franchise territory has the potential to grow to a substantial turnover and a high earning potential. You determine your own pace and decide what's right for you.

As with everything in life we get out what we put in. Running your own business is exactly the same. It's impossible to make predictions about what each franchisee can achieve as that is defined by individual goals. What we do know however is that every territory we offer has the potential to grow to a turnover of well over 100,000. The profitability from this will vary depending on how efficiently the business is operated and how it is structured and this is often where our help is invaluable.

Our most successful franchisees adopt a management style of operation and employ clerks to carry out most of the report work. They still enjoy a net profitability of around 40% and will undoubtedly achieve a greater return if and when they sell the business as a going concern. The advantage of this approach is that the franchisee is then much freer to develop further business; working on the business rather than in it.

We'll share more financial information about what our current franchisees are turning over at our first meeting as well as a detailed financial breakdown. This will allow you to create your own business plan and see what you could achieve when running an established operation, following our systems and proven model.

Contact us today to find out more about your possible returns and our property inventory franchise options. Call us today on 0203 126 4409 and talk to Tony or email us on franchise@nolettinggo.co.uk with any questions.

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